Satoshi Nakamoto? Ripple’s CTO reveals his hunch on the identity of Bitcoin’s creator

One or more Satoshi(s)? – The mystery remains on the identity of Satoshi Nakamotowho initiated the blockchain network of Bitcoin (BTC) on January 3, 2009. Many have tried their hand at guess who he (or they) is (are). One of the latest to engage in the exercise is David Schwartzthe technical director of Ripple (XRP).

Ripple’s CTO sees more of a group of people than a lone Satoshi

Theses on who may well be hiding behind the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto easily go from the most serious to the most fanciful. Some, as Craig S. Wrighteven went so far as to claim to be the inventor of Bitcoin (without providing any evidence).

The present debate on the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto started from Mr Huber (account @Leerzeit) on Twitter. The latter finds it strange that some are “100% certain” that the creator of the BTC network has ” gone “. He thus considers it more probable that Satoshi has “abandoned his role” under this pseudonym, and would hold ” much more [de bitcoins] in other portfolios » (in complete anonymity).

Mr. Huber then insinuates that this last hypothesis would have a “even greater probability” if it’s actually a group of people who was hiding behind the pseudonym. It’s there that David Schwartztechnical director (CTO) of Ripple, intervenes, and reveals that he too thinks of a group rather than a single man.

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Creators of Bitcoin who would no longer have access to the first BTC?

In fact, David Schwartz shows himself at first skeptical on this thesis of the group, wondering why such a group would have “simply decided to forget” a bitcoin hoard worth “tens of billions of dollars”.

Indeed, some estimates put the amount of Bitcoin mined by Satoshi at 1 million BTCi.e. close to $23 billion at the time of this writing. But, Neil Hartneran engineer at Ripple, points out to his CTO that this group may have (at least in part) “lost the keys” management of these bitcoins… They would then have “letting the mystique continue” rather than admitting their inability to recover them. What David Schwartz respond :

” It makes sense. It could also be a group of people some of whom have died, leaving others unable to access the keys. »

Twitter account @JoelKatz

That the loss of access to all these bitcoins either due to an error or a death, it seems obvious in the thesis of a group. Otherwise one of its members would no doubt have ended up cracking seeing this huge mass of BTC start to be worth millions, then tens and hundreds of millions, and now billions of dollars. It’s been more than 14 years anyway. that this riddle on Satoshi Nakamoto remains unresolved.

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