Saturnalia: the Italian artistic UFO presents its gameplay in video

Developed by the Santa Ragione studio (Wheels of Aurelia) and expected this year on the Epic Games Store, pending other platforms, this horror game takes place in 1989 in the fictional village of Gravoi, in Sardinia. With its art direction straight out of a fever dream (the animations are inspired by cinematic freeze frame and rotoscoping techniques), the game mixes exploration and puzzle solving but also borrows from roguelite in its progression. First, the village is procedurally generated for each new playthrough as well as the loss of all four playable characters, each tailored to a specific aspect of exploration and investigation.

No need to come and look for a plan on the net, therefore, especially since the game does not display any compass or other type of marker, preferring the use of in-game maps and a good sense of orientation, even if we can still ask a companion to guide us to a destination. Taming the village will be easier as you unlock shortcuts and other secret passages, or use lights to mark your passages (matches are part of resource management).

The fight is not part of it, but you will have to know how to escape certain threats that may arise around the corner. Fortunately, a captured character can still be freed by an ally. In case of loss of the four characters, the player will not lose his progression and his clues, but will have to relearn the architecture of the village which will have been completely reset.

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