Saving energy: devices for a more sustainable home

We use a wide variety of devices every day. Not only the mobile phone is one of them, but also household appliances such as the refrigerator, stove or television. However, many devices are still not particularly sustainable in terms of design or consumption. Fortunately, more and more brands and companies are slowly starting to rethink. MediaMarkt also helps you with your purchase decision with the BetterWay logo.

With the BetterWay logo MediaMarkt has taken on the issue of sustainability, responsibility towards the environment and social justice. Marked products are either particularly energy-efficient, resource-saving or durable. All products that receive the logo are previously evaluated by an independent testing organization. here you can learn more about the BetterWay logo.

That’s why you can currently do a lot Offers for sustainable products at MediaMarkt Discover and thus economize more sustainably. From refrigerators to dishwashers to televisions, there is also a selection of devices with the MediaMarkt BetterWay logo.

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