Saving energy when doing laundry: an underestimated mistake will cost you a lot of money

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This underrated laundry mistake will cost you a lot of money

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While many people look for economical consumption when buying a washing machine, costly mistakes creep in elsewhere. Which laundry mistake is most often underestimated and how you can avoid it – we’ll tell you.

In times of the energy crisis, the question of where there is still potential to save electricity is becoming increasingly important. After all, we already use an extensive repertoire of options: This ranges from pulling the plug to replacing light bulbs or shower heads. However, some people miss a key point when it comes to saving electricity.

Energy guzzler tumble dryer: Avoid costly mistakes

There is no doubt that tumble dryers are among the energy guzzlers in the home. However, they can also be quite practical in terms of lack of space and low temperatures in winter. Again, the question arises: is there any savings potential in the tumble dryer or should we rather go back to drying in the air?

According to the consumer center, the answer to the question is the right device. The most common mistake is not made when using the dryer, but when purchasing it. Accordingly, a device with a heat pump should be a lot more efficient than a condenser dryer without heat pump technology or an exhaust air dryer. Although the high acquisition costs may be a deterrent at first, they will pay off after a few years if you use the device frequently.

It is also important to pay attention to this

You should also pay attention to energy efficiency. It is important to know: While in other product lines the labeling of the energy efficiency classes has now been newly regulated so that they now range from A to G, the previously common A-Plus classes (A+, A++, A+++) will still be used for tumble dryers until 2024.

The most economical tumble dryers therefore have energy efficiency class A+++, although there are now hardly any heat pump dryers with an energy efficiency below A++. According to the consumer advice center, a calculation by Stiftung Warentest shows that it is clearly worth choosing an economical device: If all customers bought A+++ models instead of tumble dryers with A++ for a year, they could save around 16 gigawatt hours of electricity a year – that’s a rough estimate as much as a small town with about 10,000 inhabitants uses in a whole year.

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