Scammers impersonate Ripple CEO on Twitter

Brad GarlinghouseCEO of the Californian start-up Rippleblamed Twitter not to take (more) measures to fight against the spread of fake accounts – some of which are however verified.

Brad Garlinghouse. Source: video capture, Ripple / YouTube

“I can’t believe I have to do this again,” said tweeted the CEO, addressing his message to Twitter’s support service.

According to his tweet, many verified accounts impersonated Garlinghouse and even participated in crypto discussions.

The CEO shared an email from Twitter’s support team stating that a reported account was not operating in violation of the social media giant’s policy on misleading and deceptive identities.

Garlinghouse has affirmed that,

“Scammers have been using this app for years, and we are still awaiting some action, while thousands (if not more) of people continue to be exploited.”

One can also wonder if, and if so, how bots are related to this problem.

At the time of writing, there appears to be only one verified Twitter account, belonging to the actual CEO, followed by a number of accounts with variations on the same name.

Source: Twitter

Other users, however, have claimed to have taken screenshots of some accounts which do feature a verification badge, along with the CEO’s name and photo – although the nicknames are noticeably different.



Several commenters claimed to have seen many users impersonating Garlinghouse, adding that verifying an account is relatively easy – while others have suggested that it is possible that these scammers buy verified accounts.

This is far from the CEO’s only battle against social media and identity thieves on these sites, but rather an ongoing battle.

In 2020, for example, the blockchain company announced a lawsuit against the video-sharing giant Youtube.

“Today, we’re taking legal action against YouTube to spur industry-wide behavior change and set expectations for accountability,” the company said at the time. adding that “YouTube and other major tech and social media platforms must be held accountable for the lack of sufficient processes to address [escroqueries].”

Years before, the company had complained and warned about scams related to Ripple and XRP, as well as the impersonation of its executives.

Garlinghouse is not alone in being targeted by these fraudulent accounts. Other well-known people include Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterinand the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao.

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