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This Friday, October 1, 2021, the program Dance with the stars has resumed with a vengeance for its third premium. The choice of one of the songs was not unanimous.

Friday October 1, 2021, the third premium of the issue Dance with the stars was launched and it generated a lot of discussion on social media. Among these, the choice of the song to which Lucie Lucas, the actress of the hit series, danced Clem, and Anthony Colette. It is “But I love you” by Camille Lellouche and Grand Corps Malade which was honored to sublimate the two partners.

This choice did not go unnoticed since Internet users immediately made the connection between this song and the news people which ignited the social networks concerning Camille Lellouche. Indeed, a few months ago, a video of Rayane Bensetti and the singer leaked, showing them kissing. An affront to the fans of Denitsa Ikonomova, who is very close to Rayane Bensetti. If they never formalized, rumors have always circulated concerning a possible romantic relationship. This video had caused a lot of ink to flow and the fact of choosing Camille Lellouche’s song for this third bonus too. “Respect is dead”, “Another betrayal for Denista”, could we read on Twitter in particular.

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A third premium of “Dance with the stars” rich in emotion

However, no reaction and no comment was made on the set. It must be said that Rayane Bensetti and Denitsa Ikonomova have always remained very discreet about the nature of their relationship and since the scandal of the video revealing Camille Lellouche and him together, no reaction either. The show of Friday, October 1, 2021 will have been rich in emotion. Vaimalama Chaves was moved to tears as she danced on “Body” of singer Yseult and Bilal Hassani hit the nail on the head, once again, with her dancer Jordan Mouillerac, obtaining the best score of the evening.

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