Scandal at the northern derby: Werder throws ex-keeper meadow from the stadium

Scandal at the northern derby

Werder throws ex-keeper meadow from the stadium

For Werder Bremen, the first northern derby in the 2nd Bundesliga is anything but smooth. A chaotic first half, a defeat – and a small scandal in the VIP area. Ex-goalkeeper Tim Wiese is a guest there, but he is not wanted, security guards intervene.

On the edge of the north derby between Werder Bremen and Hamburger SV (0: 2), there was apparently a not very glorious incident in the VIP area of ​​the Weser Stadium on Saturday evening. Right in the middle: Ex-national goalkeeper Tim Wiese. As the “Bild” reports, the former Bremen goalkeeper was thrown out of the arena by the security staff after the final whistle. It should have come to minor scuffles.

The reason for the intervention of the stewards was Wiese’s visit to a box without a corresponding VIP wristband. Neither the 39-year-old nor his companions had valid tickets for the area in the north grandstand. After a Werder employee had notified the stadium security, the box owner tried, reportedly, in vain to end the conflict. His clarification that Wiese was his guest brought no improvement.

“Word battles” and a “little scramble” followed when the stewards urged that Wiese and Co. have to leave the stadium. It is said that the unspeakable scene was stunned by many other visitors.

Wiese was pissed off against “Bild”. “That was completely exaggerated. The action fits the game and the club. Just laughable. I felt like a leper!”, Rumbled the long-time Werder keeper, who was revered as a Derby hero by the fans.

According to Werder, Wiese was not allowed to stay in the VIP area due to the currently valid hygiene concept. Bremen’s managing director Hubertus Hess-Grunewald said on request that Wiese had shown himself to be unreasonable and disregarded the instructions of the security staff. “His behavior towards our employee was unacceptable. When he was to be escorted back to his place, he preferred to leave the stadium,” said Hess-Grunewald. “With these rules, which we have to adhere to meticulously, there is no celebrity bonus.”

Bremen had lost the heated north duel against HSV on Saturday with 0: 2 (0: 2). The team captains flew off on both sides and there were seven more warnings. After seven match days, relegated Werder ranks seventh with eleven points. Next weekend, the protégés of trainer Markus Anfang will compete at Dynamo Dresden.

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