Scarlett Johansson: Colin Jost is said to have confirmed pregnancy

Scarlett Johansson
Colin Jost is said to have confirmed pregnancy

Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson got married in 2020.

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Comedian Colin Jost reportedly confirmed during one of his appearances that his wife Scarlett Johansson is pregnant.

According to a US media report, Colin Jost (39) has confirmed that his wife Scarlett Johansson (36) is pregnant. According to Page Six, the New York Post celebrity site, the comedian spoke about the addition to the family at a gig in Connecticut. Jost is said to have said to the audience: “We’re having a baby, it’s exciting.” This is reported by “Page Six”, citing a source that is said to have been on site.

Had already in early July “Page Six” reported, that Johansson was allegedly pregnant. In June, the first rumors had already made the rounds after the “Black Widow” actress canceled several dates for her new film and largely withdrew from the public.

First child together

If the reports are confirmed, Johansson will be a mother for the second time: their daughter Rose was born in 2014. Shortly after the birth, she married her father Romain Dauriac (39), but two years later the separation followed, in September 2017 the divorce.

In May 2017 she got together with the American comedian Colin Jost, whom she had known since 2007 through joint filming for the comedy show “Saturday Night Live”. The couple married in October 2020. For Jost it would be the first child of his own.

New film project

Johansson is also making headlines with a lawsuit against Disney. The actress had sued the group after it had allegedly released her Marvel film “Black Widow”, contrary to contractual agreements, not only in the cinema, but also at the same time on its streaming service Disney +.

The lawsuit does not seem to harm her career: The 36-year-old has according to “The Hollywood Reporter“Fished a role in the next film by Wes Anderson (52). Johansson is shooting with the cult director for the first time. Tom Hanks (65) and Margot Robbie (31) have two more top-class players have been promised.