Schalke raged over “fraud”: DFB commented on VAR anger in contrition

Schalke raged over “fraud”
DFB comments contrite VAR anger

On Saturday evening there was a completely surprising penalty decision in Bremen because the VAR intervened. The whistle causes astonishment, at FC Schalke even outrage. Now the DFB reports and classifies the process self-critically.

The management of the elite referees in the DFB has admitted errors in handling the video evidence at the weekend in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. Schalke 04 missed their fifth away win in the 2nd Bundesliga in a 1-1 draw against Werder Bremen due to a controversial penalty kick in stoppage time. No foul on Roger Assalé from Bremen could be seen. Referee Tobias Stieler revised his decision after the intervention of the VAR and gave a penalty. The intervention of the video assistant was “not appropriate” according to a DFB announcement on Sunday.

The decision had caused outrage at Schalke: “We simply feel cheated,” said Schalke’s sports director Peter Knäbel about the penalty scene. “If you don’t recognize a very clear handball by the Bremen player plus the swallow – that’s just unbelievable,” scolded Schalke’s trainer Dimitrios Grammozis. “That went beyond the scope today. People should ask themselves whether this is the right way,” the coach continued. “The penalty today was an absolute cheek that I’ve never seen before. But people don’t care.”

“Most glaring wrong decision”

Sports director Rouven Schröder also hung the process at the top: “If he whistles right away, I will understand. When he goes out and is so sure after watching for a long time, it is one of the most blatant mistakes I have ever seen.”

The DFB classified the process a little more soberly – and more bureaucratic. “After it has been going very well for a long time and the high intervention threshold in the interventions of video assistants is generally well accepted because it has been implemented largely uniformly so far, it is now the task to work through these three processes in the sense of the previous line and Once again to clearly state that the processes in the game and the evidence of the image material must be the basis of an intervention, “wrote the German Football Association.

The DFB again pointed out that an intervention of the video assistant is only necessary if there is absolute clarity about a mistake. This was the case in the match between Bayer Leverkusen and VfL Bochum (1-0) on Saturday. VfL coach Thomas Reis, who went to referee Daniel Schlager immediately after the final whistle, quarreled because of a missed penalty whistle after an action by Bayer defender Jonathan Tah against Christopher Antwi-Adjei. “This is a foul game in which the TV images clearly document the process and the hit image. For this reason, an intervention by the video assistant would have been appropriate,” explained the DFB.

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