Schlager: Beatrice Egli is facing a great challenge

Beatrice Egli
The pop singer is planning a climb to the Matterhorn

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The hit news of the day in the GALA ticker: Beatrice Egli is facing a great challenge.

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April 19, 2021

Beatrice Egli: The pop singer is planning a climb to the Matterhorn

Beatrice Egli, 32, is facing a great challenge! The DSDS winner from 2013 has already climbed the top of the chart several times – now the Swiss woman has another peak in mind: she wants to climb the Matterhorn. But why does the pop singer jump into this daring adventure? After all, the mountain is 4478 meters high!

The 32-year-old revealed on Instagram what is behind her plan: She is participating in the “100% Women Peak Challenge” campaign. “This initiative aims to bring women to the very top – namely to the highest peaks in Switzerland. The aim of this challenge is for women to climb all 48 four-thousand-meter peaks in Switzerland this year,” she explained. And she also decided to be part of this adventure and to accept the challenge of climbing “probably the most famous mountain in Switzerland, the Matterhorn”, she said.

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It should start in summer. Beatrice is well aware that this will not be an easy endeavor: “Before I get there in July, there is still a lot of training, sweat, fun, overwhelming, excitement, awe and anticipation ahead of me,” she said Community know.

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