Schlager: Florian Silbereisen makes a sad announcement

Florian Silbereisen is saying goodbye to the summer break. However, his fans respond with understanding.

Florian Silbereisen is saying goodbye to the summer break

We could get used to this sight: Florian Silbereisen, 39, sends a selfie to his fans. The entertainer lies casually on a wooden bench and looks dreamily into the camera. However, the message behind the photo should cause nostalgia for most fans. "We say goodbye to a little summer break and thank each and every one of you that we were able to celebrate the hit together in these special times under these special circumstances. Take care!", The 39-year-old wrote about his snapshot.

The fans fully understand the entertainer. "You have earned yourself!" Is the unanimous verdict under the article. The announcement of the summer break becomes almost a minor matter with the selfie. Floris followers can't stop raving at this sight! Numerous hearts, flame emojis and heart-eye smileys decorate the post.

The comments below the selfie are consistently positive. "Beautiful picture of you", a fan is delighted with the photo. "Flo you are so beautiful! From the heart to the character to the appearance", another follower is very enthusiastic. And a third can hardly wait to see the popular moderator in action again: "Please take care of Florian! I'm looking forward to seeing you again at last. Enjoy your free time!"

On October 16, it will continue with Florian's next show: "Die Schlagerchance in Leipzig".

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