Schlager: Florian Silbereisen: There is good and bad news


Florian Silbereisen
His show can take place – but there is a catch

Florian Silbereisen

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The hit news of the day in Brigitte ticker: Florian Silbereisen: "Schlagerchampions" broadcast is taking place +++ Stefan Mross + Anna-Carina Woitschack have adopted a dog +++ Helene Fischer: Concert despite Corona?

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January 20, 2021

Florian Silbereisen: "Schlagerchampions" is broadcast

Fans of Florian Silbereisen, 39, had to be very strong last year. After the "hit story" had to be postponed in the spring and Florian's tour "The great Schlagerfest XXL" could not be continued, the "Schlagerchampions 2021" could not be held as planned. But now there is finally another reason to be happy: The popular show "Schlagerchampions – The great festival of the best" "is being made up – and the date has finally been set.

Florian Silbereisen will broadcast the successful program on February 27th. But there is a catch. Attentive fans will not have missed the fact that February 27th was actually all about the "Schlagerlovestory". Now the show "Schlagerchampions" gets the broadcast slot, which in turn means that the "Schlagerlovestory" has to be canceled. At least this is how the ARD program preview can be interpreted.

It is not yet known where and how the "Schlagerchampions" will be shown. Presumably the show will be in Leipzig recorded and take place without an audience.

January 19, 2021

Animal offspring with Anna-Carina Woitschack and Stefan Mross

Anna-Carina Woitschack, 28, and Stefan Mross, 45, make no secret of the fact that at some point they would like to have children. "Of course we want a baby. I want a real family with my Anna," the "Sundays again and again" presenter once told his fans. But now the couple has taken care of other offspring.

"We have had offspring", Anna-Carina Woitschack writes happily on Instagram. She and her husband have adopted a miniature dachshund. And the couple also reveals the name of the little ball of fur. The post also says: "We are happy to have another Dachshund in our family! Welcome LOTTI".

The fans are overwhelmed at the sight of the little one. The snapshots that Anna-Carina show with her animal offspring on her arm are widely commented on. "How cute", "How cute" and "Lotti is adorable" can be read there. We are happy with the two pop stars and congratulate the new roommate.

Helene Fischer: concert despite Corona?

Fans of Helene Fischer, 36, did not get the planned program in 2020. Because of the corona pandemic, many stars had to postpone or cancel their live performances last year. Pop queen Helene Fischer had also hit it.

Her open-air show, originally planned for April 4, 2020, has been postponed. Is there still hope that everything will go according to plan on the replacement date? As part of the "Sound & Snow Gastein" music festival, the singer will perform in Bad Hofgastein, Austria – the date is now March 26, 2021.

As the portal reports, the organizer of the event – Leutgeb – has now turned to the fans. The statement states that there are currently "no official guidelines or regulations for the implementation of the concert on March 26, 2021".

It was not yet known whether the concert could take place. The organizer emphasizes, however, that "the health and safety of the concert-goers have top priority". And the corona pandemic also represents an unprecedented exceptional situation for those responsible for a Helene Fischer concert. The organizer would like to announce new information to its fans in mid-February. Hope fades.

January 18, 2021

Andrea Berg surprises her fans with a new CD

Concerts will not take place during the corona pandemic. This also hits Andrea Berg, 54, hard. The hit queen likes to invite her fans to exclusive concerts in her experience hotel Sonnenhof, but not this year. The New Year's concert was actually supposed to take place, but Corona thwarted the pop singer's bill. "Today the New Year's concert in the Sonnenhof would be … Really sad here without you!", She let her fans know on Instagram and Facebook two weeks ago. But Andrea Berg doesn't hang her head. Instead of moping up, the 54-year-old thought about how to put a smile on her fans' faces during the corona pandemic – and found what she was looking for.

The pop singer has put together an album with her most beautiful love songs. The work "In Liebe" appears punctually in the week before Valentine's Day. In 18 songs, Andrea Berg takes her fans on a wonderful love journey. The fans on Facebook can hardly believe their luck.

"Wow, great surprise," says a happy Facebook user. "Great, dear Andrea, I'm really looking forward to the new album. You are a wonderful person of the heart. Thank you for being here", another lets the pop singer know. And this fan also says: "I'm really looking forward to the new album cool !!".

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