Schlager: Ross Antony shows the first couple picture with his husband Paul

The hit news of the day in Brigitte ticker: Ross Antony: He shows the first couple picture with husband Paul +++ Patricia Kelly thinks about her four miscarriages on her wedding day +++ Giovanni Zarrella: His marriage with Jana Ina almost broke up.

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January 22, 2021

Ross Antony: He shows the first couple picture with husband Paul

Pop singer Ross Antony, 46, and his spouse Paul Reeves, 46, have been a couple for ages and officially married since three in 2017. They crowned their love affair with the adoption of two children – 2014 and 2017. Now Ross showed how the great love story of him and his husband began and posted their very first couple picture together.

On the sweet couple pic, Ross and Paul have huddled their heads close together and smile in love at the camera. Regarding the snapshot on Instagram, Ross wrote: "This is our very first photo together 20 years ago … How time flies and 'yes' Hubby @paulreevescom … You still look damn good and I'm still in love with you . " Paul is also the best man, father and friend anyone could wish for, the 46-year-old happily added.

The users are absolutely delighted with this social media post. "You two are so cute. This picture is just awesome. And this sugar-sweet declaration of love. Oh, I get goose bumps. You are an absolutely perfect and beautiful couple," for example, a follower couldn't get out of the raving. In addition to him, over 13,000 other Insta users expressed their enthusiasm by clicking on the "heart" button.

January 21, 2021

Patricia Kelly: On her wedding day, she thinks about her four miscarriages

Patricia Kelly, 51, has been married to her husband Denis Sawinkin, 47, for 20 years. And on the internet or in interviews, the musician repeatedly makes it clear how happy she is with her partner, with whom she has two sons. On her wedding anniversary this year, the 51-year-old not only remembers the happy days in her marriage, but also the difficult moments: she had four miscarriages and devotes touching words to her deceased babies online.

Patricia first addressed a few lines to her husband about a snapshot of their wedding: "My heart, 20 years ago today you and I promised God, our families, our best friends, that we would belong together until death. What a journey! What for a gift! What an incredible love !! " Then she starts talking about her children: "With open arms we have received gifts from heaven like our two miracles Alex and Iggi. And our four little angels that we had to let go."

Together, Patricia and Denis mastered every stroke of fate, as she emphasizes in her post: "We had to overcome illnesses, disappointments, tests, failures and heal wounds." During this long and rocky path, however, they were always "surrounded by butterflies that enchanted their hearts."

January 19, 2021

Giovanni Zarrella: His marriage to Jana Ina almost broke up

They are one of the dream couples in the German celebrity scene: pop singer Giovanni, 42, and his wife Jana Ina Zarrella, 44. They have been married since 2005 and have two children together. But their happiness did not fall from the sky, but they had to fight for their marriage. There was even a point when the couple almost broke up.

The ordeal for their relationship came a year after their wedding. In 2006 Giovanni's band "Bro'Sis" broke up and the singer was plagued by fears of the future. "I didn't know what to do next. I just knew I wanted to continue, but I didn't know how. […] During this period 2005-2008, I often think a man, a person who didn't care about himself I liked ", he now told the" Kölner Treff ".

It was a difficult time for Jana Ina too. "We have moved apart. There were a lot of feelings, a lot of emotions and a lot of despair in the game," said the presenter in an interview with "Das neue Blatt". But the now 44-year-old did not want to give up her marriage without a fight. That's why she said to her husband at the time: "We'll stay together! We have a small child, we are married and we can do it." Fortunately, they managed to overcome this hurdle together.

January 18, 2021

Schlager power in "Let's Dance"

There is dancing again! The "Let's Dance" floor will open on February 26th at 8:15 pm. 14 celebrities are fighting for the title "Dancing Star 2021" in the 14th season of the RTL program. Now the broadcaster has announced which candidates are taking on the challenge to take over the title from Lili Paul-Roncalli, 22.

This year there are numerous well-known stars from various industries. Two pop stars have also made it into the successful RTL program: Mickie Krause, 50, and Vanessa Neigert, 28.

"I hereby announce that I can be part of the 14th season of 'Let's Dance'! I am looking forward to finally learning to dance! I would like to apologize to my dance partner for my lack of talent, but I hope to have strong nerves, Perseverance and a lot of patience! ", Mickie Krause announced on Sunday on Instagram.

Vanessa Neigert is also overjoyed. The former DSDS candidate wrote on Instagram: "My wish came true". How will the two pop stars do on the floor?

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