Schlager: Stefanie Hertel pulls blank – "roller coaster of emotions"

The hit news of the day in Brigitte ticker: Stefanie Hertel talks about her nude appearance +++ Beatrice Egli makes an announcement +++ Florian Silbereisen: Long-haired role model! To whom he owes his hairstyle at the time.

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January 29, 2021

Stefanie Hertel talks about her nude appearance

We don't even know Stefanie Hertel, 41. The pop singer is now unusually revealing. In the new VOX program "Showtime of my Life – Stars Against Cancer", 16 celebrities – eight women and eight men – drop their covers. So does the 41-year-old. But the pop singer underestimated what it would do to her when she suddenly had to pull out in front of the camera.

"When I agreed to support the educational show project, I was not even aware of the cost of overcoming to show skin in front of the camera," the Saxon-born woman told the German press agency. The performance was "a rollercoaster of emotions," said the musician. But she knew that she would jump over her shadow for the project. After all, the message of the format is: If you take off your clothes, you can save your life.

"I'm dropping the covers, it takes courage. Be courageous too – go to cancer screening," Stefanie Hertel appeals to her fellow human beings. "I feel healthy and fit and still go to preventative care – simply to take the opportunity to react early in the event of possible illnesses," said the singer.

Stefanie Hertel shows herself (almost) naked on VOX on February 1st and 2nd at 8:15 pm for a good cause. Other celebrities who drop the covers for the VOX show include: Ex-soccer player Nadine Angerer, 42, model Elena Carrière, 24, actress Mimi Fiedler, 45, Mirja du Mont, 44, presenter Ulla Kock am Brink, 59, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, 28, and Jochen Schropp, 41.

January 28, 2021

Beatrice Egli makes an announcement

Beatrice Egli, 32, is sunshine through and through. And even if the corona pandemic leaves its mark on the pop singer, giving up is not an option. On Instagram, she conjures up a smile on the lips of her fans with her refreshing good mood postings. Beatrice Egli recently surprised her followers by giving a streaming concert on stage. Now the second announcement follows.

On Instagram, she lets her fans know that, with a little luck, she will soon be able to look forward to an award. "I am incredibly pleased that I have been nominated this year at the Swiss Music Awards in the" Best Female Act "category," she wrote about her post. What an honor, because "the Swiss Music Award" is considered the most important and largest music award in Switzerland.

The special thing about it: the price is determined by the audience. Whoever gets the most votes wins the "Swiss Music Award". Beatrice Egli calls on her fans in Switzerland to participate on Instagram. It would be the third time that the former DSDS winner can take this award home with her. We fingers crossed!

January 27, 2021

Florian Silbereisen: Long-haired role model! To whom he owes his hairstyle at the time

Florian Silbereisen, 39, has made a style change. No wonder, after all, the showmaster has been on stage for more than 20 years. At the age of nine he signed his first recording deal, released his first album and appeared on television for the first time. In 2002 Florian Silbereisen moderated his first television programs. In February 2004 he stood in front of the camera for the first time as show master on Saturday evening – as Germany's youngest show master! At the age of just 22, he presented a big Saturday evening show live on ARD for the first time. But then the entertainer looked very different.

At the beginning of his career, the now 39-year-old chose shirt and leather pants instead of jeans and sneakers, as he does today. In addition, he always had his traditional boatman's piano with him when performing. But the eye-catcher was his hairstyle: Long blonde hair was Florian Silbereisen's trademark.

At that time, the Passau native wore his hair particularly long and for a reason. In an interview with the television station "GoldStar TV" he now revealed that he was emulating a great role model when it came to style. "Back then, my role models were the skirt-hunters, especially Patrick Cox on drums. I always wanted long blonde hair, like him." Today Florian Silbereisen wears a dark short hairstyle – and his fans love him for that!

Florian Silbereisen

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January 26, 2021

Beatrice Egli shows her grandparents

For Beatrice Egli, 32, her family is an important haven of peace and balance in an exciting life as a pop star. The singer tries to use every free minute to spend with herLoved ones to spend. Your loved ones are your parents, your siblings, but also your grandparents. Every now and then Beatrice shows her fans snapshots of her family members. Now Instagram users can look forward to a particularly touching photo, because the DSDS winner was finally able to spend time with her grandparents Margrit and Fritz again.

Corona pandemic propriety rules have made it difficult for us to be close to our family. But now there is the corona vaccination. And thanks to the vaccinations, which are administered faster in Switzerland than in Germany, Beatrice Egli was finally able to visit her grandparents again. And you can see this happiness in her. The pop singer is beaming with her grandparents. Of course, the 32-year-old kept her distance. In her Instagram story, the Swiss woman shared the picture with grandma and grandpa and commented on the snapshot with "By far in the fresh air with grandma and grandpa" – including hearts.

The "Bunt" interpreter especially loves to talk to her grandparents. When you meet such wise people, it's always good. Because it helps to see that life is really something very special, says Beatrice gratefully.

Stefanie Hertel drops the covers: "What it costs to overcome in front of the camera"


Howard Carpendale gets in touch with his fans after a short break

Howard Carpendale turned 75 on January 14th. The greatest gift for him would be to be back on stage at some point. If all goes well, the "Ti amo" interpreter wants to delight his fans with the "Show of my Life" tour from September 11th to November 9th, 2021. The pop star is not only very worried about his future, but also about his health. "Especially at my age you think: When will I be on stage again? I'm not the youngest anymore and I know it can be over tomorrow. ”He sticks to the rules because Howard knows,“ It is not an advantage if I get this disease, ”he recently revealed in an interview with "SUPERillu".

With his thoughts in the bag, Howard Carpendale pulled out of social media after his birthday. So much happened in the last week that he just wanted to "let it sink in." The events give the pop singer one thing above all: hope. "We have a new president in America and we have a vaccination. I know both are still a little shaky, but everything is a step in the right direction. Let us have confidence – we can hope again," he wrote about his recent posting.

Howard Carpendale finds his words very popular with his followers. "Those are the right words. As always," commented fellow Schlager Giovanni Zarrella, 42, for example. "Thank you for the kind words! I think we can all use them!" Writes another Instagram user. And this fan, like "Howie", is optimistic: "You are absolutely right. There are steps in the right direction. Even if small, but you must never give up hope. Everything will be fine".

January 25, 2021

Beatrice Egli: "I can hardly wait"

"Exactly one month until I can finally be back on stage with my band and sing for you! I can hardly wait," writes Beatrice Egli on her Instagram account. The 32-year-old is beside herself with happiness. The corona pandemic was anything but easy for the pop singer. But she won't let it get her down. Beatrice Egli pulled out all the stops to finally be able to offer her fans a concert again – albeit differently than usual. "Because this time play We’ll have a real concert on a big stage, but you’re not sitting in our hall, but at home in your living room. I think that's almost even more exciting, "comments Beatrice Egli on a photo on her account.

Singing in front of people is the greatest gift for the Swiss woman. "The way to the stage – the pulse rises, the heart is racing, the excitement and anticipation rise immeasurably! For me, there is hardly a better feeling," enthuses the 32-year-old about an Instagram photo she was wearing in a beautiful blue dress lets shine. "I'm so happy that my band and I can experience this again soon, albeit in a completely different way."

Sometimes it doesn't have to be a partner who gets your heart pounding …

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