Scholz is losing popularity: many SPD voters prefer Pistorius as chancellor

Scholz is losing popularity
Many SPD voters prefer Pistorius as chancellor

Things are not going well for the SPD leadership: According to a survey, almost half of the electorate sees Federal Defense Minister Boris Pistorius as the better chancellor. The verdict is more positive with regard to the traffic light coalition.

45 percent of SPD voters say that Boris Pistorius would be a better chancellor than Olaf Scholz. This was the result of a survey by the opinion research institute Forsa on behalf of ntv/RTL. 41 percent do not believe this. Among all those surveyed, 48 percent answered that they preferred Boris Pistorius to Olaf Scholz as Chancellor. However, only 26 percent of those surveyed believe that SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil would be the better chancellor. Among SPD supporters it is 28 percent.

At 62 percent, a majority of German citizens are now convinced that the traffic light coalition will last until the end of the legislative period in 2025. Of the traffic light supporters, 74 percent of the SPD, 78 percent of the Greens and 68 percent of the FDP supporters do this. 60 percent of CDU supporters also do not believe that the traffic light will fail. However, 58 percent of AfD voters are convinced of this. Of those who believe that the traffic light will fail, 48 percent say that this would be due to the FDP. 27 percent name the Greens, only 7 percent the SPD.

When asked whether a cabinet reshuffle would strengthen trust in the federal government, only 33 of all respondents answered yes. Support for a cabinet reshuffle is strongest among SPD supporters at 41 percent.

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