School friends, they lose sight of each other for a century before finding each other and dying at the same time

After 100 years of separation, they had finally found each other when fate decided to hit them hard.

The story could have been worthy of a magnificent film if it hadn’t ended so tragically. As our colleagues from South West, two very longtime friends reunited after 100 years of separation, when they both came from the same small village of Salies-du-Béarn. Marie Lartigau and Albert Bareille grew up in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and knew each other in their school since they were both in the same class, before each to make their own way, as it always happens. Unlike more recent generations however, the two former friends have moved very little, but have never seen each other after school…until recently.

Both centenarians, Marie Lartigau and Albert Bareille have managed to find each other thanks to their respective families, who insisted that they wish their birthdays together. Being both in a different nursing home, Marie Lartigau, 108, and Albert Bareille, 107were therefore able to meet again by videoconference, and talk about everything that could have happened during the 100 years that separated them. The Republic of the Pyrenees reports the words of a host from the Albert Bareille nursing home, clearly upset by this reunion. “I will always remember Albert blowing kisses to Marie through the screen, and Marie blowing kisses back. Albert then tells her that he will never forget her and that they will meet up there”.

They died the same day

Touching words, which the centenarian did not expect to see happen so quickly. Indeed, after meeting again a century later and celebrating their birthday together, Marie Lartigau and Albert Bareille still shared one last thing Again. They both died on November 24, 2022, a few kilometers apart from each other. A chance in which some will be able to read a symbolic act, and which pushed the establishments which welcomed them to organize a common ceremony in order to pay them a last tribute.

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