School health protocol: “These certificates on honor, it’s folklore”


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The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase

Not convinced of the role of policeman assigned to them in the face of the epidemic, teachers, from the Gironde to the Côte d’Azur, share their understanding of parents who send their children a little too quickly to school.

Every morning since the start of the January school year, Pierre Leroy, director of a primary school in Salleboeuf, a small rural town in Gironde, has applied the same ritual. He asks the teachers to stand at 8:20 am sharp in front of the portal to welcome the 255 students of the establishment divided into ten classes. Then begins the ball of checks for those who have been in contact. Their “Health status” is slipped into the liaison book. “When they are checked, the results of the tests – until Monday – and the attestations on the honor land on my desk for a repointing in order”, details the director, unionized with SNUipp-FSU. For this painstaking work, as time-consuming as it is tedious, he takes his role very seriously in view of the epidemic outbreak but questions the relevance of a light protocol that favors “good faith” parents.

“Some people have already warned me that they will not be able to keep up. They don’t see a test slip through their child’s nostrils three times a week. ” For fear of hurting, according to him. Still others told him that their offspring wept at the mere sight of …

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