Schools, emergency services. What does the government provide in the event of power cuts?

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For several months now, the government has been preparing the French to deal with potential power cuts during the winter. We know more about the action plan if they arise.

With the exception of Corsica connected to the independent Italian network, the whole of French territory will have to face this winter potential power cuts in addition to the decline in its purchasing power. To make everything clear, the government, which is currently facing the dissatisfaction of health professionals, has planned to distribute a circular to the prefects, so that the various departments can prepare. A government source insists, however, that the two-hour rotating load shedding is currently only a hypothesis in the event of a problem with the electricity supply in January, which is inevitable according to an EDF executive. .

If only “40% of people” according to the government are at risk of being affected by the cuts, it is still important to be aware of the various action plans, in particular for schools and rescue. This is what we know.

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Schools and emergency services at the heart of concerns in the event of power cuts

Regarding the schools, following the confirmation of the Minister of National Education, we can say that the schools will be closed in the morning in the event of a power cut. However, “schools located near structures that will not be subject to load shedding” will be able to “welcome the children of priority staff” adds the minister.

Still in the context of this preparatory work, we can also learn that fire stations, police stations and hospitals will be placed on a priority list to prevent their electricity from being cut off. For emergencies, it will be recommended to give priority to 112, even if the question of the network does not yet seem to be settled. Indeed, if the relay antennas of the mobile network are located on the cut network, it will not necessarily be possible to access the emergency numbers.

If the situation does not yet seem 100% precise, we know that the government is continuing to work on solutions.

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