Scottie Pippen: basketball star mourns his son Antron

Scottie Pippen
Basketball star mourns the loss of his son Antron

Scottie Pippen mourns the loss of his late son Antron

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Ex-basketball star Scottie Pippen mourns the loss of his son Antron, who has died at the age of only 33. He was heartbroken.

Scottie Pippen (55) has lost his eldest son, Antron. That said the former basketball star on April 19th communicated on Instagram. Antron died the day before at the age of only 33. “I am heartbroken to have to announce that I said goodbye to my firstborn son Antron yesterday,” wrote Pippen about several pictures of the two.

The two are linked by their love of basketball. “I really think he would have made it into the NBA,” if Antron hadn’t suffered from “chronic asthma,” as Pippen continues. But his son never let that get him down: “Antron stayed positive and worked hard – and I’m so proud of the man he became.”

With Antron, “a kind heart and a beautiful soul” died far too early. “I love you, son, may you rest peacefully until we meet again.” In the post, the basketball player also asked for prayers for Antron’s friends, his entire family and his mother Karen, with whom Pippen was briefly married in the late 1980s.