scratches, poor screen alignment, some smartphones come with defects

Some happy owners of the new iPhone 15 quickly became disillusioned when unboxing their smartphones, since Apple is currently facing certain quality problems on its high-end devices.

Credits: Apple

While most iPhone deliveries went off without a hitch, some iPhone 15 owners shared on social media that their smartphones had defects right out of the box. Yet, Apple is known for its strict quality controls, but it seems that certain models escaped the vigilance of the workers. Moreover, the new iPhone 15 Pro Max would also be much more fragile than its predecessors.

User MajinBuOfficial on the first batch of iPhone 15 is expected to have many defective machines “. These would present defects serious enough to justify the complete replacement of the device by Apple.

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What are the faults to spot on your iPhone 15?

If you purchased an iPhone 15 in the first days of pre-orders opening, you may have received a copy with a small defect. Among the problems noted, some Internet users assure that the titanium frame on certain sides is not even colored, which shows that the colors are far from uniform.

In another photo you can see that the screen and frame are not properly aligned, which could cause problems with protection against water and dust. Worse still, some Internet users have shared images of scratches on their brand new iPhone 15even though this one had barely come out of the box.

Finally, other owners have noticed dust particles inside the camera lens of their smartphone. These are inside the camera lens, meaning it cannot be cleaned unless taken apart.

Now that Apple is aware of these quality issues, the company has likely asked its suppliers to implement corrective measures on the assembly lines. We advise you to carefully check whether your iPhone 15 does not present any of these defects, and if so, to request a new copy from Apple customer service.

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