Script does a great job – employee gets paid $90,000 for doing nothing

An employee programs a script that does all his work. The man now spends all working days playing video games, but continues to collect his full salary. His employer has no idea.

“I automated my job over a year ago and didn’t tell anyone.” This is the title of a post on Reddit that should describe the dream of many people, provided the story it describes is true. Because said person, who describes himself as an IT specialist, gets her full salary without having to work for it. And that for a year.

According to his own statement, the person whose name is unknown works for a medium-sized law firm. As an IT specialist, she is to manage all digital evidence for court proceedings. Specifically, thousands of digital documents, photos, etc. that come in every day need to be transferred from a local drive to the cloud. It is also necessary to verify that the data is correct. The person is the only one who has admin access to the cloud-based evidence management system. The person does not have any other tasks during their 8-hour shift. In fact, according to the post, the person only had to pretend to work in the office. Because actually there was and is almost nothing to do.

Then, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and everyone started working from home, the IT specialist jumped at the opportunity and wrote a script in about a week that does all his work. The script “scans the local drive for new files, hashes them, transfers them to the cloud, and then re-hashes them to verify authenticity (you need to be able to prove in court that digital evidence hasn’t been tampered with were)”, as the IT expert explains. So while the script (according to him, it’s a batch file with some parts of Powershell) does all the work for the IT specialist, he or she fiddles all day long or does whatever else he feels like doing. At the end of the working day, the person concerned then quickly checks the logs “to make sure everything went smoothly… and then I log off.” This means that the IT specialist works around 10 minutes a day. He gets just under $90,000 a year for that. That’s the equivalent of around 79,000 euros.

The details of the Reddit poster cannot be verified.

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