Sealed iPhone fetches over $63,000 at auction: Here’s why it was never unboxed


The iPhone from 2007 was sold in its original packaging and still sealed at the auction house LCG for over 63,000 US dollars. Why was it never unpacked? The reason is strange.

This iPhone went under the hammer at LCG for over $63,000 (Source: LCG Auctions)

According to US media, Karen Green received the cell phone as a gift from friends. In 2007, however, it could only be operated with a SIM card from AT&T. Since Green had a cell phone contract with Verizon, the iPhone was virtually useless to her.

So she put the gift in the closet and forgot about it over the years. Because it wasn’t until 2010 that Apple also opened up to other mobile phone providers and released the iPhone 4 from Verizon as well. A stroke of luck from today’s perspective. Because the fact that the cell phone is unsealed and in very good condition brought her the record sum.

Also interesting…

Last year, less well-preserved originally packaged iPhones were auctioned for just under 40,000 US dollars, writes LCG on its website. Even more curious than the story of Karen Green’s iPhone is the story behind this $75 console that sold for $360,000 at auction in 2020.

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