Sean Connery: He leaves Daniel Craig behind as 007

Sean Connery was voted the best James Bond of all time in a recent poll of British fans – 58 years after his debut.

Was there more style in the past or is there simply nothing better than the original? Sean Connery (89, "Forrester – Found!") Was voted the best James Bond of all time in a recent radio poll in the UK. The current 007 – Daniel Craig (52, "Knives Out – Murder is a family matter") – flopps. He only came in third and has to share it with someone.

Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig tied

Second place went to Timothy Dalton (74, "The Tourist"), although he only appeared in two films and appeared more reserved. "Mommy-in-law darling" Pierce Brosnan (67, "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again") came in third, as did current Bond actor Daniel Craig, who gave 007 something mysterious and gave viewers a glimpse into Bond's wounded soul for the first time .

The voting was carried out in a knockout process: the six Bond actors always had to compete in pairs – which is why Roger Moore (1927-2017) did not make it into the top three because he was beaten by Timothy Dalton.

More than 14,000 fans voted for Connery, a total of 44 percent. Connery himself, despite fame and fortune, his 007 role was more of a burden than joy. The actor once said in an interview with "The Guardian": "I've always hated that damn James Bond. I'd love to kill him."