Sean Diddy Combs: He officially changed his middle name to “Love”

Sean Diddy Combs
He officially changed his middle name to “Love”

Another new name: Sean “Diddy” Combs is now called “Love”.

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That Sean “Diddy” Combs likes to change his name is nothing new. Now he has officially changed his middle name to “Love”.

Sean “Diddy” Combs (51) has a new name again. Not another artist pseudonym, but officially: The rapper changed his middle name from “John” to “Love”, as he proudly said on Monday (May 3rd) on Instagram with a photo of his driver’s license announced. “Look what got me in the mail today … It’s official! Welcome to the love era!” Writes Combs about the photo on which the name “Sean Love Combs” can be seen. Another photo shows the rapper writing his new name on a piece of paper framed by a heart. The photo also shows his previous artist names: in the early 1990s he began his career as “Puffy”, in 1997 he changed his name to “Puff Daddy”. “P. Diddy” followed in 2001 and from 2005 only “Diddy”.

In 2017, Sean Combs had already decided to go through a real renaming with “Love” as the middle name, as he announced on Twitter at the time. In October 2019, the rapper then made the official request to change his name, like a representative to the US magazine “People” confirmed. Because he had already changed his stage name numerous times in the past and made several jokes about an official name change, “Diddy” confirmed in another Instagram postthat the change is real. “You have to take me seriously. Love!”, He writes on court papers on which the signature of a judge can be read next to: “The court orders: The name of” Sean John Combs “is changed to” Sean Love Combs “. ”