searching for certain photos will become child’s play with this AI function

Google has shared details about a Google Photos feature using Gemini, the firm’s artificial intelligence. It will allow precise and very rapid searches.

Ask Google Photos

The app Google Photos has come a long way since its appearance in 2015. Over time, it has become the fusion of a gallery, a storage space and a photo editing tool, to summarize only its main features. But she has many others. The Mountain View company continues to add more, such as the one that allows you to see certain faces less often in “memories”, or the possibility of improving your videos with a single click.

As one might logically expect, theartificial intelligence Gemini takes an increasingly important place in the new features integrated into Google Photos (and all Google products in general). Among those to come, there is one called Ask Photos, probably translated here as Ask (or Request) Photos. It was presented at the Google I/O conference in May 2024 and promises to make the search for photos extremely intuitive, efficient and fast. Just that.

This AI function will allow simple and quick searches in Google Photos

Soon, instead of searching by typing keywords and then scrolling through thousands of results, users will be able to simply ask for something – whether it’s a specific memory or specific information in a photo – and Ask Photos will find it“, summarizes Google in a blog post. In fact, you will be able to say for example “show me the best photos of every national park I’ve visited” And the AI ​​will take care of analyzing your entire gallery to find those that meet your query.

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To do this, it relies on numerous data: the content of the photo of course, but also any text, the date of shooting, the location and other metadata. More relevant than keyword search according to Google, AI is also capable of learning. If you correct it once its results are given, it will remember them for future searches. The Ask Photos function will also be used to remember more specific informationlike the theme of your little one’s birthday party. A written summary will then be displayed in addition to some associated photos. The tool is currently being tested and should not be deployed for several months.

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