Season 2 of The Last of Us series will be shorter

The Last of Us Part II will need more than one season for its series adaptation. It could be three, or even four. On the other hand, season 2 will be shorter.

The adaptation of the masterpiece The Last of Us was successful for HBO and the Naughty Dog studio. If the video game only needed one season of nine episodes to tell its story, The Last of Us Part II, its sequel, will span many more chapters. But, for now, creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann are unable to say whether it will take three or four seasons to show everything to fans.

In an interview with Deadline and published on June 5, Craig Mazin confided: “ We don’t think we’ll be able to tell our story with just two seasons, because we’re taking our time and taking interesting paths, like we kind of did in season 1. » In his eyes, a third season already seems imperative – if the audiences follow, of course. “ Indeed, the story could require a fourth season “, he says.

7 episodes (only) for season 2 of The Last of Us

If the adaptation of The Last of Us Part II could be spread over three or even four seasons, however, the second will be shorter than the first. We will thus go from nine to seven episodes (of varying length). This paradox is explained by a storyline need. The creators knew from the start that there would be more seasons, and it was therefore necessary to find a logical division. The first pivot point would therefore occur after seven episodes. Season 3 would potentially be much longer.

Craig Mazin in any case wants to reassure about this shorter duration: the idea is not to compact. Quite the contrary: “ The idea of ​​the upcoming season being shorter is not about us taking less time, rather that we want to take more “. He recalls that the history of The Last of Us Part IIarticulated around the theme of revenge, is much denser and richer than that of The Last of Us. He adds : ” It’s a lot harder to produce, but we want each episode to be its own blockbuster. »

Tommy (Gabriel Luna) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) in the adaptation of The Last of Us. // Source: HBO
Tommy (Gabriel Luna) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) in the adaptation of The Last of Us. // Source: HBO

The second season will be very close to what happens in the video game (as is the case with the first season). But there will be more new and/or extended arcs (like Bill and Franck, who will not return, in season 1). There will also be strong links with what happened previously. “ The plan is to tie all the seasons together », Promises Neil Druckmann.

In passing, spread The Last of Us Part II over several years is potentially excellent news for HBO, as long as viewers continue to be loyal. If the quality and ambitions are still there, the success should not fade away anytime soon. In addition, keeping the series going for this long can help support fans until the launch of The Last of Us Part III, which we are still awaiting formalization. The third game could be adapted in turn, to close the loop and make the saga a pillar of entertainment.

Source: Numerama EditingSource: Numerama Editing

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