Sebastian Krumbiegel: Angela Merkel’s style is good for the Prince singer

Sebastian Krumbiegel
Angela Merkel’s style is good for Prinzen-Singer

Sebastian Krumbiegel likes Angela Merkel’s style

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In an interview, Prince singer Sebastian Krumbiegel praised the way in which Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks to people.

Sebastian Krumbiegel (54), the singer of Die Prinzen, has something for Chancellor Angela Merkel (66). in the Interview with Hit Radio FFH said the musician: “I think the way she talks to people is good.”

He thinks Merkel’s style is better than that of people who are constantly looking for confrontation. The singer also dares to take a look at the post-Merkel era: “I believe that many will miss her when she is no longer there,” said Krumbiegel about Merkel, who will no longer stand for election in the federal elections in the autumn. All in all, the Chancellor has done her job well on the whole, “regardless of any problems”.

To mark their 30th anniversary, the princes released the new album “Krone der Schichtung” on May 21st. From June 11, 2022 the band, consisting of Krumbiegel, Tobias Künzel (57), Wolfgang Lenk (54), Jens Sembdner (54), Henri Schmidt (53), Mathias Dietrich (56) and Alexander “Ali” Zieme ( 50), then on a big tour of Germany.