Sebastian Preuss: "The Bachelor" is making progress in the clinic

After his motorcycle accident, Sebastian Preuss continues to make progress. "The Bachelor" still depends on the help of crutches.

Sebastian Preuss (30) delivers an update on his health from the accident clinic where he is being treated. On Instagram, "The Bachelor" from 2020 shared a photo on which he posed grinning against a mountain panorama – leaning on crutches. To do this, he makes thoughtful notes.

Get back on your feet with a positive attitude

There is a precious gift in every event, no matter how bad, Preuss writes in his post. "I was very often very negative in my life and far too petty, but the nice things happened as soon as I distanced myself from negativity and valued me!", He philosophizes. After his accident, a lot will "not be as it used to be," he explains. But he didn't care, "because it always gets as beautiful as I do in my head". He lives in "NOW".

In this Instagram story, this year's RTL Rosenkavalier also shows how walking with the help of crutches works. He "has a partial load for three weeks, but everything is better than not moving at the moment," he writes. He also thanks the team at the accident clinic "that I got so fit after just four weeks".

Preuss had a motorcycle accident near Munich at the end of May, in which he suffered "a number of breaks" and had to endure long surgeries.