Second bathing dead – 26-year-old immigrant went under in the lake and died

The life of a rescued swimmer at Lake Pleschinger See hung by a thread. The 26-year-old went down and was recovered after about half an hour. This accident is reminiscent of the one in Aussee, which also did not end well.

Another drowning accident! This time at the Pleschinger See in Steyregg. On Thursday, just before 5 p.m., a witness sounded the alarm: A 26-year-old swimmer had screamed in a foreign language and had gone under. Eight fire brigades and water rescue services deployed with divers. At 5:23 p.m., the helpers found the missing Syrian from Linz at the bottom of the lake and brought him to the shore, where eight family members were afraid. There, the Red Cross emergency doctor took over and resuscitated the victim, who – the emergency doctor had to stay with him the whole time – came to the Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy. Death was announced at 6:10 p.m. According to the family, the Syrian was not a good swimmer, but he swam out unaccompanied. Three children saved, one Afghan dead It was not the first drowning accident in Upper Austria this year: As reported, a three-year-old from his mother was in Gosau on Wednesday rescued from the pool after briefly going under. A four-year-old was taken out of the pool in Sattledt by her father at the end of June, a few days earlier in Sierning a two-year-old had been resuscitated by his parents after falling into the bathroom. And at the Ausee, an Afghan (20) – a non-swimmer – drowned.
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