Secret documents in the USA – FBI searches another estate of Joe Biden – News

  • In the affair surrounding the discovery of secret government documents in Joe Biden’s private rooms, investigators are now also targeting the US President’s house in Rehoboth Beach.
  • Biden’s attorney, Bob Bauer, provided information about the search of the property. Investigators found no secret documents.
  • The background is investigations into the possible whereabouts of other secret documents in the private rooms of the US President.

According to the lawyer, it is a planned search in which the investigators received the “full support” of the president. “Today’s search is another step in a thorough and timely process by the Department of Justice, which we continue to fully support and facilitate. We will have more information after completing today’s search,” the attorney said in a statement. According to media reports, the Federal Police FBI was also involved

As with the search of Biden’s home in January, some materials and handwritten notes were taken that may be related to Biden’s time as vice president

In the past few weeks, confidential documents have repeatedly appeared in Biden’s private rooms – in offices in Washington and in his house in Wilmington, Delaware, including in the garage there.


According to the lawyer, it is a planned search in which the investigators received the “full support” of the president.

Reuters/Evelyn Hockstein

For the President, the revelations are politically very sensitive, because it is not allowed to store confidential government documents privately after leaving office. The National Archives are responsible for this in the USA.

First find in November

In January, investigators had already searched Biden’s home in Wilmington and secured confidential documents from his time as vice president and as a senator. It was announced on Tuesday that investigators had combed the offices in Washington in November after Biden’s employees had found confidential documents from his time as US Vice President.

Biden’s house in Rehoboth Beach is likely to be the third place that investigators scour in search of secret documents. Biden and his wife occasionally spend their weekends there.

informed to the public later

Biden and the White House have been criticized because the public only found out about some of the finds when the media reported on them. Attorney General Merrick Garland hired a special counsel to investigate the incidents.

The first tranche of confidential documents was discovered on November 2 – shortly before the US congressional elections. The White House emphasizes that Biden’s lawyers immediately informed the National Archives. However, the public only found out about it in January when the broadcaster CBS reported about it.

In response to the initial discovery, Biden’s staff then looked elsewhere. Nothing was found in Biden’s home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, it said at the time.

Biden criticized finding documents at Trump

The finding of documents is also explosive for Biden because former Republican President Donald Trump caused a scandal with a similar case in the summer, for which Biden sharply criticized him. After leaving the White House, Trump kept a large volume of confidential government documents at his private estate in Florida. The FBI searched the property in August and confiscated thousands of documents. Trump is accused of wanting to obstruct the investigation.

In Trump’s case, Garland also used an independent special investigator for the politically sensitive investigations – also because the Republican announced a new presidential application and criticized the investigation against him as politically motivated.

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