Secret Story back? This index which confirms the come back of the reality TV show

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After Star Academy, will Secret Story return to television? A cryptic tweet may well confirm the return of the show.

We are now set on the return of Koh Lanta this season: date, concept and candidates have been announced. But after the return of star Academy, will another cult show return to television? Rumors are swirling about Secret Storyof which a leading couple has announced that they are embarking on X. A tweet could confirm the expectations of viewers

The host of the program Christophe Beaugrand had already specified in 2018 that the show wasn’t over. He told the Belgian media Telepro “I think there’s a chance the show will come back with a different form. The public is so attached to this program. I’d be surprised if the show didn’t come back.”

In November 2022, Benjamin Castaldi, host of the first eight seasons of Secret Story from 2007 to 2014, which had in turn evoked the return of the show. He said on the set of Do not touch My TV : “Apparently Secret Story would come back but… on Amazon Prime. TF1 would have given up and it could therefore happen on Prime Video”.

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The return of Secret Story confirmed?

And this Wednesday, February 1, it is the Voice itself that has spoken. On the Twitter account of Secret Storythe voice that guides and interacts with the candidates of Secret Story published an enigmatic message: “Here the Voice, to all Internet users: beware of appearances… That’s all for the moment!”. Retweeted by production company Endemol, the tweet seems reliable and could announce the expected comeback.

The president of Endemol had raised the subject in an interview for Puremedia last December: “We are working on the return of Secret Story, loft story or upon arrival Big Brother. We are convinced that this is what corresponds to the use of the consumption of television programs today. These programs create noise on social networks and are consumable on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook or Twitch”.

In 2015, Secret Story had arrived on NT1 before stopping in 2017. The show isolated the contestants in a house for several weeks with one objective: keep his secret and discover that of others.

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