Secret Story: the return of the real Voice, the candidates and their secrets… The recap of the show’s highlights

Solène Delinger
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10:58 a.m., April 24, 2024

After seven long years of absence, “Secret Story” made its comeback on TF1 on Tuesday evening. Viewers discovered the 15 candidates for this season who entered a brand new House of Secrets. A huge twist also shook up the evening.

Secret Story is finally back! After seven long years of absence, Christophe Beaugrand kicked off the brand new season of the reality TV show Tuesday evening on TF1.

Already fairly well-known candidates

Shortly after the launch of the program, the Voice, played by Dominique Duforest, bids farewell to the public: “It is with great pride and with a heart full of emotion that the Voice has decided to pass the torch”, a- he said before the new Voice took over, a feminine and much softer voice which did not at all conquer the hearts of Internet users, who were totally destabilized. “My childhood is slipping away,” lamented one of them on social networks. The evening continues with the presentation of the 15 new candidates, all already quite well known on social networks. It is Zoé, a 24-year-old Belgian journalist, who first enters the new House of Secrets, a sumptuous villa with a swimming pool in the shape of a sink, a flashy living room, a make-up room, and rooms similar to those of season 3.

An Olympic athlete joins the House of Secrets

We then discover the candidates’ secrets. Among them: “I was abandoned in a train station at the age of 4”, “I am the French voice of Harry Potter”, “I am an athlete in the Olympic Games” or even the classic “We are a couple “. It’s around 2 a.m. that everything changes… Big turnaround: two candidates, Zoé and Maxence, are summoned by the Voice to be informed of the common secret of all the candidates. An announcement made by… Dominique Duforest, the real Voice, who actually never left the game! “You thought I was gone? But this season more than ever, be wary of appearances. There is only one true Voice, the one you have always known. Indeed, the Voice has played itself out of you and all the residents by making you believe that there was a new Voice”, explains the actor who fooled everyone, including us journalists. “You have joined the false House, under the orders of this false Voice. The common secret of all the inhabitants is therefore: We are the inhabitants of the false House!”, he continues facing Zoé and Maxence. A totally unexpected twist that portends a season full of adventures!

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