Secret Story: What happened to the triplets Johanna, Marjorie and Cyrielle? Photos and revelations

The show Secret Story marked a whole generation. In 2007, TF1 launched the program and the first season had been marked by a particular casting since triplets marked the game. Their mission: to pretend to be one and the same person. Johanna, Marjorie and Cyrielle therefore used trickery not to reveal their secret and it was they who won this first edition. Fifteen years later, these reality TV stars have built their lives away from the cameras. Here is what they have become.

All three had won 178,000 euros. At the time they were 23 years old. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges and the young women who are now approaching their forties live in anonymity. As revealed by our colleagues from TV Star, Johanna became a training manager at Irfa Sud in Narbonne. “An organization that delivers training for job seekers and employees in the trade, sales, hygiene, personal service, secretarial, accounting and office automation sectors“, specifies the magazine. The pretty brunette is married to a man named Jean-Baptiste and gave birth to two children, Mathis (born in May 2016) and Célia (born in August 2019).

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