Secret Story: What happens to the triplets Cyrielle, Marjorie and Johanna?

In 2007, TF1 launched a new confinement reality show called Secret Story. The principle is simple: several young candidates live together in a superb house and each one enters it with a secret that he must preserve for as long as possible. Johanna, Marjorie and Cyrielle, triplets who had to pretend to be one and the same person through crazier schemes than each other, amazed the viewers but also their playmates. Today, almost 15 years after their victory in Secret Story, what happens to them?

Originally from Narbonne, Johanna, Cyrielle and Marjorie were 23 years old when they participated in the show. Today, they are 38 years old. And since their only television appearance, they have left the world of rhinestones and sequins. Indeed, it is far from the cameras that the triplets have evolved, with the nice check for 178,000 euros won in Secret Story, which they divided into three.

Johanna had launched her own online clothing store. And in addition to this beautiful project, the young woman works daily in a training center, just like her sister Marjorie. For her part, Cyrielle is airport agent and embarked, in parallel, on a more artistic career. The brunette is indeed singer in rock band Omnisphere.

In 2016, the triplets gave their news in an interview for Entertainment TV. The opportunity for them to indicate that they are certainly “best known” than before their television appearance but that their daily life has not changed. “We resumed our usual life“, they indicated. Finally, with one detail. They have since been recognized throughout France. “And especially in Paris: as soon as we are all three, it’s really madness, while in Narbonne they already knew us. We are always supported by the fans, we receive a lot of letters“, confided Cyrielle, Marjorie and Johanna. Another major change: the beautiful pot that allowed them to “change cars“, in particular. Part of these gains also served their parents who have “renovated apartments” intended for rental.

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