Secret thoughts that everyone already had about their partner

So let's be honest: Even if we love our friend, we don't think well about him 24 hours a day. These thoughts are sure to sound familiar to you.

Do you always have to be honest in a relationship? What a crap! At least you can – and should – keep a few things to yourself. Anyone who has had these thoughts before knows what we are talking about.

  1. Sometimes I am a little embarrassed.
  2. Whoa, why is Kapie so heavy?
  3. He didn't clean the kitchen. Of course not!
  4. Couldn't he have lasted ten seconds longer? Then I would have come too …
  5. His sweatpants are really anything but sexy.
  6. Actually, I'm a lot smarter than him.
  7. Can't he shave when we go to see my parents?
  8. Did he have better sex with his ex-girlfriends?
  9. Kissing him in the morning is really no fun.
  10. He could really do sports again.

And we still love him!

Guilty conscience? What! Having negative thoughts about your partner from time to time is normal and not bad at all. After all, you can't tell yourself what to think. Besides, we still love our sweetheart more than anything – with all its quirks and flaws. We're not perfect either, are we?