Security violated – attempts to flirt in test street ended with hooks on the chin

Attempts to flirt on a test street in the city of Salzburg ended with a hook on the chin for a security employee on Thursday.

A 23-year-old Afghan’s attempt to flirt went really wrong on Wednesday: In a test street in the city of Salzburg, he tried to flirt with a pharmacist who worked there – but who apparently showed no interest in the man. When he made repeated advances to her anyway, she called the security. The 41-year-old then expelled the spurned from the house. However, that did not suit him at all, the security then notified the police.

Admitted to the hospital
When the officers were just about to clarify the situation, the 23-year-old gave the security employee a neat hook on the chin, completely unexpectedly and for no reason. He injured the 41-year-old security employee. He had to be taken to the hospital with the rescue.