See the first flying taxi licensed to take to the Chinese skies

Mathilde Rochefort

February 02, 2023 at 12:45 p.m.


X2 AeroHT © © AeroHT

© AeroHT

The X2 vehicle, developed by AeroHT, a subsidiary dedicated to flying cars of the Chinese company XPENG, has just obtained a permit from the authorities to fly in the country.

If XPENG is a very serious competitor to Tesla in the field of electric vehicles, its founder, He Xiaopeng, is also betting big on flying cars.

First eVTOL certified by the authorities in China

The X2 model was unveiled in 2021 by the company. Able to fly up to 130 km/h, the vehicle has two seats and can be piloted by a human or autonomously. It is equipped with 4 motors and 8 propellers. This is the flying car, or eVTOL, of 5e generation of AeroHT. In 2 years, the company has already completed more than 3,000 test flight experiences, including an inaugural flight outside China to Dubai last year. In total, it has carried out no less than 15,000 tests of its different generations of flying cars.

Now, the company has just obtained permission from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to operate manned flights. This specific permit certifies that an aircraft can fly safely under certain conditions. AeroHT thus becomes the first firm developing a flying car to obtain this certification in the Middle Kingdom.

Upon obtaining the permit, it declared that it will continue to carry out its tests in order to accumulate the data necessary to continue its research and development, but also with the objective of mass producing its vehicle soon.

AeroHT thinks big

Indeed, AeroHT seeks to use the certification of the X2 to support the development and production of the X3. The firm hopes that this model, which truly resembles a flying car, will enter production in 2024. It does not hide its ambitions in the eVTOL sector and has the ambition to see its models survey the sky in large numbers. Chinese by 2030.

X3 AeroHT © © AeroHT

The X3 © AeroHT

In addition to producing no emissions, being entirely electric, AeroHT vehicles represent a solution of choice to combat the significant problems of congested traffic in China. Moreover, the state considers the research and development of flying cars as one of the main objectives of the industry during the next two decades.

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