Sega Corporation opens a subsidiary in Singapore

Most publishers realize this. Asia is a gold mine for video game distribution. With a view to being even better represented there than is already the case, Sega Corporation has just announced the creation of Sega Singapore. This new subsidiary, set up on October 13, will aim to target the marketing of certain territories in Southeast Asia.

Sega already distributes its games in Southeast Asia through Sega Asia. And if this last subsidiary will continue to cover China as well as Korea, the newcomer will be able to concentrate on Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Today, it is only a question of developing more commercial operations in these countries. However, the birth of Sega Singapore could mean the arrival of new locations. Like Bandai Namco, which recently confirmed support for Thai and Indonesian localizations for One Piece Odyssey and Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom.

Sega Corporation, which has already established publishing bases around the world, is therefore banking on the growth that the Southeast Asian market should experience in the future. Singapore will logically have imposed itself to create the new subsidiary there. Indeed, thanks to its geographical location but above all to its business-friendly government policies, Singapore is the perfect place for a new strategic base.

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