Seine-Saint-Denis: a young woman found naked and mutilated in the middle of the street in Aubervilliers

The carers notably noted that the vaginal lips of the victim had been stuck together while a word engraved in a foreign language was discovered on his belly.

A young woman, visibly in her thirties, was found naked and mutilated, wandering the streets of Aubervilliers on the night of Sunday April 17 to Monday April 18. Information from Parisian confirmed at Figaro this Wednesday at midday by the Bobigny prosecutor’s office, which opened an investigation into the counts of “rape with torture” and “barbaric acts”.

It was around three o’clock in the morning that the victim was seen by witnesses, rue Charles-Tillon, north of Aubervilliers. Mute and visibly disoriented, she was quickly taken care of by the emergency services once the alert was given and hospitalized at the Delafontaine hospital in Saint-Denis. Examination of the body revealed numerous physical and sexual mutilations. For example, caregivers found that the victim’s vaginal lips had been glued together while a word engraved in a foreign language was discovered on her stomach. “Contrary to what may have been said, the word is not ”Ti amo” (“I love you”, in Italian, editor’s note)”, we specify to the prosecution.

Traces of ties were also observed on the wrists of the young woman, suggesting that she could have been tied before finding herself naked and haggard in the streets of Aubervilliers. At the latest news, the latter had still not been heard or even identified, and was still hospitalized. The investigation is continuing, led by the teams of the sub-directorate of the judicial police (SDPJ) of 93.

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