Seine-Saint-Denis Dismantling of international drug trafficking via postal covers

Synthetic drugs sent abroad in envelopes, for a value of nearly 7 million euros: a vast international traffic from France has been dismantled, the national gendarmerie announced in a press release on Thursday.

Five people were arrested on Tuesday as part of a preliminary investigation carried out by the air transport research section (SRTA) under the authority of the Bobigny prosecutor’s office (Seine-Saint-Denis), details the press release.

These five people were still in custody on Thursday and were to be brought before a magistrate on Friday.

MDMA, LSD and ecstasy

After a report from the American authorities in April 2021, the investigators uncovered drug trafficking via airmail freight: the respondents sent MDMA, LSD and ecstasy abroad in envelopes which transited via Roissy airport Charles de Gaulle.

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“In total, the investigators determine that these criminals were able to frank more than 2,300 shipments for 700 kg of narcotic products, destined for 46 countries, including France for a value of nearly 7 million euros”, indicates the gendarmerie in its press release.

Use of the darknet

“The work carried out by the gendarmes is complex, in particular because of the use of the darknet to organize the sale of products and the great caution of criminals to conceal their tracks”, add the authorities.

The main suspect used many false identity documents, said the gendarmerie.

About fifty gendarmes from the Air Transport Research Section (SRTA), the Air Transport Gendarmerie and specialized investigators were mobilized for this investigation.

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