Seine-Saint-Denis: the garbage collector resuscitated after a heart attack finally died

A 66-year-old garbage collector, who came back to life after being officially declared dead after a heart attack at the end of March in Seine-Saint-Denis, died this week, a medical source said on Friday April 15.

He died, as unfortunately almost all patients in anoxic coma“, declared to AFP Professor Frédéric Adnet, head of the Samu of Seine-Saint-Denis, confirming information from the Parisian. Very early in the morning of March 29, this man who worked at the Neuilly-sur-Marne agency, had a heart attack even before starting work, his employer, Sepur, told AFP last week. , a company specializing in the collection and sorting of waste.

Called, the Samu teams then performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him for nearly an hour, before noting his death. But half an hour after the official declaration of death, the police noted signs of life on the patient. A Samu team, who returned to the scene, actually found that his heart was beating. He was then transported to the intensive care unit at Montfermeil a desperate state“.

This extremely rare medical phenomenon is called “Lazarus phenomenon», in reference to Lazarus of Bethany, resurrected by Christ in the Bible. Gold “in the phenomenon of Lazarus, we never really have a survivor“, explained Professor Adnet.

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