Selection of the 30 most essential concealers

Even though visible dark circles are becoming all the rage on TikTok, many of us try to camouflage them thanks to tips or even cosmetics intended for this purpose as concealer.

Moisturizing, creamy, light, covering … There are many types concealer in the beauty market to help us chase away our ugly traces of fatigue. Used for the purpose of camouflaging our lack of sleep, this cosmetic can also be used to hide a button or a imperfection, all in illuminating the area where you apply it. This is why one of the great specificities of the concealer is also to come bring light on the gray areas of the face.

However, a real debate remains around this indispensable ally present in our make-up bag: should it apply before or after foundation ? Well do you imagine that both techniques are valid, you just need to find the one that best suits your beauty. For a ideal coverage, it is recommended to apply the concealer after have to apply the foundation and finish the complexion by the application of setting powder.

Today, almost all makeup brands offer at least one concealer, so it is difficult to make a choice when faced with this. wide range of products which is offered to us. But between finding the right one texture and the ideal shade for our skin tone, the choice of concealer is a real headache. To help you make your choice, we have selected 30 quality products. Whether these are novelties or products available on the market for several years, you will find your happiness in this selection of concealers classified from the lowest price to the highest.

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