Self-service electric scooters are prohibited for minors in Lyon

You will no longer be able to use a self-service electric scooter if you live in Lyon and you are a minor. This decision of the prefecture is a first in France. From now on, you will have to present proof of identity during checks to prove that you are over 18 years old.

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Since their democratization in our cities, scooters have raised many questions and concerns regarding the safety of their users and pedestrians. Also, the town halls were quick to react by applying various restrictions. In Paris in particular, the speed is now limited to 10 km / h throughout the agglomeration. Unfortunately, this is not always enough to avoid accidents.

On August 22, two teenagers from Lyon aged 15 to 17 lost their lives after a serious accident. Shaken by the event, the inhabitants thus demanded stricter legislation from the prefecture, which was immediately applied. As of today, minors no longer have the right to use a self-service electric scooter in the capital of the Rhône.

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In Lyon, soon identity checks to use an electric scooter

From now on, users of Dott and Tier, two operators present in Lyon, will have to present proof of identity when registering. Already registered users will also need to skip this step. “The City of Lyon has asked the two operators to make it compulsory to confirm that they are of age on their application by scanning their identity document, for all uses (new or existing)”explains the town hall.

For his part, Valentin Lungenstrass, deputy in charge of mobility at the town hall, clarified on Twitter that a call for tenders will soon be launched. The objective is to recruit two new operators, who will of course have to comply with recent regulations and who will be selected according to 4 criteria: the durability of the machines, the safety of the users, the accessibility of the service and the modal shift and intermodality.

Finally, remember that minors can always buy their own electric scooter, provided they are at least 12 years old. Meanwhile, the Senate is considering a new law requiring the registration of all urban vehicles exceeding 15 km/h.

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