Self-test of the “Krone” – First virtual Escape Room opened in Tyrol

“Escape Rooms”, in which people are locked in a room, from which they can escape again by solving puzzles, are very popular. Now the concept is also available virtually. The “Tiroler Krone” has tested it.

Before we embark on the adventure, “Gamemaster” Mark explains the equipment to us. With two controllers we will be able to move around in the virtual space and touch objects. To immerse ourselves in the adventure, we get a helmet, headphones and VR glasses. First of all, it is ensured that we can see everything really clearly and sharply. Then Mark starts the game from his computer. For us he has chosen “Escape the lost Pyramid”. First we choose a character, a so-called “avatar”. And then it starts. If we were just in the Tyrolean capital, we find ourselves on the lowest level of one of the three great pyramids in Egypt. Our mission: Find the last piece of an important artefact that is right at the top of the ancient building. Intellectual and athletic skills are required At the beginning, we are still quite uncertain and have to get used to the controls. But we are in full action very quickly, put gears in the right place and thus come one step higher. Then we have to throw weights into the pots that hold two large statues so that another mechanism takes us to the next level. Up to the last level, we are confronted with other tasks that we do not want to reveal at this point. It shouldn’t be too easy for the following players, only so much can be revealed: Mastering bow and arrow and climbing skills is not a disadvantage! After around 50 minutes we finally find the artifact, stand at the top of the pyramid and have thus successfully mastered the mission. Whereby: Without a few hints that Mark shows us when we ask, it would have been even more difficult. Six locations so far, more are being planned The architecture student has been working at the new location of Virtual Escape KG in the Fritz concert since the opening on October 22nd -Street. The company, which was founded in 2019, also has branches in Vienna, Graz, Upper Austria and Salzburg. Marcel Stöckl and Julian Ronacher are the founders and bosses behind the locations. As Stöckl describes in an interview with the “Tiroler Krone”, “there have been virtual escape room adventures since 2018”. A very young business, but one that is very well received. 20 games for two to eight people to choose from “There is a lot of demand,” says Stöckl, who wants to set up further locations in Austria together with Ronacher and in the distant future as well wants to conquer the German market. The various games are bought from development studios. Customers can currently choose from 20 different adventures. The palette ranges from fun puzzles for the whole family to horror games for the toughest ones, and the game is played in teams of two to eight people. Depending on the type of game, you can of course also compete against each other. A game for two people costs a total of 74 euros. The more players there are, the cheaper the fun becomes. Our conclusion: It’s worth trying! Bookings and information under the telephone number 06766036018 or on the homepage:
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