Selfcare: 6 subtle signs that you need time for yourself

Take a rest
6 subtle signs that you need time to yourself

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You sleep badly – do you feel overwhelmed or stressed? These can be some of the signs that show you need to be yourself again.

We often find it difficult to say no to people we love. It can even be good for us, because too many social contacts or private plans sometimes become too much for one or the other. Time with yourself can help you to replenish your energy reserves and to think and reflect on decisions or what may be in store for you in the future. Important moments that can help us personally. Those who practice being alone can even improve their own independence and self-image. According to research it can even be helpful for one’s own well-being to acquire a certain competence in being alone. Especially with age, this is often better. Subjects stated in investigations that it was most peaceful for them alone.

Alone, but don’t be lonely

Time is not synonymous with oneself for every person. Some people draw energy from interactions with other people. Others lose energy as a result – and still others need a healthy mix of both situations because they are ambiverted. You can use these signs to see whether you have had too much going on in the past few days and weeks and whether this is burdening you:

  1. You have little energy or motivation
  2. You are abrupt or easily irritated
  3. You have the feeling that the connection to your friends is weakening/has become weaker
  4. You feel like you’re there for everyone, but none for you
  5. You feel like you have no control over your life
  6. You have trouble concentrating

All of the symptoms don’t have to be present at the same time, just one of them can be subtle – or two…or three. It is important to become aware of these and to consider whether you were simply too busy with other things or people and not enough with yourself. If this is the case, take a break from the “social obligations” that you have imposed on you. You can also communicate this openly to your friends. They will understand that you feel the need to shut down and collect yourself to be there for them later.

Do what feels right for you

If you’re feeling burned out, a break may be right for you. But it can also be right for you to grab your best friend and talk everything off your chest. You either already know what works best for you – or it’s time to find out. After a night alone, look into yourself and ask yourself how you are feeling. Has spending time with yourself made you calmer and feel a little more relaxed? Or are you more upset than before? One way to become aware of your own emotions can be to journal your feelings and thoughts after these self-experiments. Maybe after a while you will find your own and very personal mix that will help you to find your balance again in difficult times.

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