“Selling Sunset”: What’s next for Chrishell Stause and Co.?

“Selling Sunset”
What is the next step for Chrishell Stause and Co.?

Chrishell Stause (front) is building a new home.

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The fourth season of the broker series “Selling Sunset” is in the starting blocks. What can viewers expect in the new episodes?

The fourth season “Selling Sunset” starts on November 24th on Netflix. The popular broker series not only has dream properties ready again, but also ensures a lot of drama and personal feuds.

“Selling Sunset”: That’s what it’s all about

In “Selling Sunset” the employees of twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim (44) are accompanied in the Hollywood Hills and on the Sunset Strip. But the sale of luxury properties almost plays a minor role in the series. Rather, the women of the Oppenheim Group provide the highlights in the reality show with their exciting private lives. Because in addition to data such as size, purchase price or number of bedrooms, the realtors also provide information about the lush commissions they earn if the sale is successful. So they too have a good time and visit the chicest restaurants in town, partying in the most expensive clubs and talking about their travels around the world. The ladies who lead potential customers through the houses with great charm include Chrishell Stause (40), Heather Rae Young (34) and Christine Quinn (32).

How were the fans left behind in season three? In the episodes, the focus was on stause and their marriage-off. The realtor repeatedly dealt with her ex-husband and “This Is Us” star Justin Hartley (44). Not only did her colleagues learn the news from a “TMZ” report, she herself only found out 45 minutes before Hartley’s filing for divorce in November 2019. Stause was accompanied through the separation phase until they moved into a new apartment. At the end of the season she retired there when she was approached too often by her colleagues about her divorce at Christine’s pompous wedding.

Season four with new additions

The Oppenheim Group will welcome two new real estate agents in the fourth season: Actress Vanessa Villela (43) and entrepreneur Emma Hernan want to establish themselves in the real estate market. Meanwhile, real estate agent Davina Potratz has hired another company and Brett Oppenheim has founded his own brokerage firm Oppenheim Real Estate. Maya Vander moved to Miami and only travels for important clients.

In the trailer the biggest conflict of the season can already be guessed at. Emma Hernan dated an ex-partner of Christine Quinn. After her pregnancy, the latter has to fight for a place in the Oppenheim Group and is “replaced” by Emma, ​​of all people, who previously worked for the Oppenheim brothers. In addition, Chrishell Staus buying a house, Heather Rae Young’s engagement to Tarek El Moussa (40) and Amanza Smith’s custody battle will be on the topic of the new episodes. The fans do not get any insight according to “Cosmopolitan UK” into the relationship of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim. The couple made their relationship public in July, with season four filming in March.

The fans can already look forward to more episodes. On the one hand, a fifth season has already been announced, on the other hand there will be a spin-off. The new series will follow what’s going on in Jason Oppenheim’s new Orange County office. The brokers Alexandra Hall, Austin Victoria and Brandi Marshall are accompanied. Whether more “Selling Sunset” stars will be seen is according to “Variety” not yet known. In addition, it will another offshoot “Selling Tampa” with a whole new group of real estate agents around Sharelle Rosado (33). The series premieres on December 15th.


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