Selma Blair on “embarrassing symptoms”: update of her MS illness

Selmar Blair
This is how she feels with her MS

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Selma Blair went through hell with her MS illness, was “scared to death”. Now the “Ice Cold Angel” star reveals how he is today and talks about “embarrassing symptoms” and the return to acting.

Selma Blair, 49, has been fighting the chronic autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis for three years. She shares her rocky path since the diagnosis in 2018 – whether on Instagram or in interviews – with the public, as this time. On the occasion of her documentary “Introducing, Selma Blair”, which documents the course of the disease and will be released on October 15, 2021, the actress gives an up-to-date insight into her life with the disease on “Good Morning America” ​​and talks about the moment in her ” Fear of death “triggered.

Selma Blair was terrified of chemotherapy

Selma Blair wants to share her fate in order to raise awareness of MS and to help other sufferers. She therefore shows herself relentlessly in vulnerable moments, for example when she fought for her life in isolation in a clinic in 2019, marked by chemotherapy. The mother of ten-year-old Arthur reveals such scenes in her new documentary.

Selma was at a “critical point”, she admits in an interview with “Good Morning America”, so she decided on an experimental stem cell transplant and chemotherapy. With this she wanted to improve her quality of life. Because in MS, the immune system attacks the body, causing nerve damage in the brain and spinal cord and, as a result, symptoms such as restricted mobility.

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But this step was not easy for Selma. “I’ve been scared to death of chemo my whole life,” she revealed. But at some point the illness affected the actress so much in her quality of life that she had the feeling that she had no choice but to try any treatment that could provide relief. And it was worth it. Her symptoms would have improved dramatically. “At the moment I’m doing great,” says Selma happily.

Selma Blair is struggling with “embarrassing symptoms” today

Nevertheless, her condition could change with each new episode of illness, which Selma does not discourage. The US star is determined to tackle the disease every day. She also continues to struggle with symptoms that “can be embarrassing at times,” including physical “disorders” and problems with her language, which she has to treat with medication on a daily basis. Nevertheless, Blair “does not want to complain”.

“I have more wins than losses,” she explains, and continues: “And I have things that can be embarrassing at times, but this part – the glitches, the speaking – I want to show, a part that heals and is still perfect is and should get more acceptance. “

Selma, who celebrated her breakthrough with her role as “Cecile” in the cult film “Eiskalte Engel” in 1999, even hopes to be able to return to acting one day. “I’m not looking [nach einem Job als Schauspielerin], but god knows I would never say that I wouldn’t dream of being part of a great set one day, “she explains.

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