Semiconductor manager at “So techt Germany”: Infineon is working on climate chips

Andreas Urschitz tries to square the circle with Infineon: Protecting the climate and at the same time promoting energy-intensive, technological change. That is why the semiconductor manufacturer relies on environmentally friendly chips, as Urschitz tells “So techt Germany”.

Andreas Urschitz was still a student when he started at Infineon. On your first day, it’s like entering another world. He looks through a window, “sees yellow lights and people masked in cleanroom suits who have carried round windows from one machine to another” – silicon wafers, as he later learns. And the basis for building chips.

Andreas Urschitz focuses on efficiency.

(Photo: Infineon)

Today Urschitz is responsible for the “Power & Sensor Systems” division at the world-famous semiconductor manufacturer. What does it mean exactly? A question that his grandmother has asked him one time or another, as he tells in the ntv podcast “So techt Germany”. His answer is that he is working on microchips that help, for example, to charge a cell phone “with very little loss and energy savings”.

“Very well positioned”

In addition, Urschitz says it is considering what “the microchips of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow might look like”. This is an important point, because the technology, for which Infineon also stands as Germany’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, should contribute to the fight against climate change. And it can too, Urschitz is convinced of that.

“We are really very well positioned in climate protection technologies, especially in the area of ​​microelectronics,” reports the Infineon manager and adds: “We are the world market leader with a market share of over 20 percent in energy efficiency chips.”

In the new episode of “So techt Germany”, Andreas Urschitz tells what exactly this will bring in the fight against climate change, what role Germany has in the chip industry and how the delivery problems will continue.

This is how Germany techt

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