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Semper Opera Ball: Dietmar Hopp and Uli Hoeneß have canceled their participation

The scandal surrounding this year's SemperOpernball in Dresden writes another chapter: SAP founder and patron of the football club TSG Hoffenheim Dietmar Hopp (79) has canceled his participation in the SemperOpernball. The "Bild" newspaper reports. Uli Hoeneß (68), who was to hold the laudation for Hopp, also subsequently rejected the ball. Hopp should have been awarded the Order of St. George on February 7th. According to "Image", Hopp is now refusing this award.

Accordingly, Hopp is said to have justified his rejection with hostility against moderator Mareile Höppner (42). Höppner stepped in as moderator of the ball after the cancellation of "Tagesschau" spokeswoman Judith Rakers (44). On Saturday, however, she backed off after she was hit by "worst hatred and hostility" after the announcement on the net. Some reactions have "crossed all boundaries," said the 42-year-old in a post on her Instagram page. "Even my child was not stopped," it continues.

Semper Opera Ball dispenses with all award ceremonies

Apparently, Hopp's cancellation also has another consequence. According to the media reports, the ball club has now announced that all awards will be dispensed with this year: "Out of respect for the many discussions of the past few days and to be able to think about future decisions in peace, we are not giving awards this time." The concept is now being revised.

The transmitter MDR, which broadcasts the ball, continues to hold on to a transmission. This was confirmed by the station's entertainment chief, Peter Dreckmann, in the "MDR aktuell" program. The ball is for the many Dresdeners who are proud of the event, which stands for cosmopolitanism and tolerance. At the same time, however, Dreckmann also announced consequences. The Semperoper Ball Association would be sought and the situation in Egypt thematized in the program itself.

The award of the highly controversial Egyptian ruler Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (65) with the golden Order of St. George had set the ball rolling. As a result, "Tagesschau" spokeswoman Judith Rakers, who was supposed to moderate the ball with Roland Kaiser (67), asked for the termination of her contract. Kaiser should continue to lead through the evening.

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