Send us your drone film and win 5000 euros in travel money

Drone recordings open up completely new perspectives and offer spectacular views. The Peugeot Drone Film Festival, Europe’s largest festival of its kind, gives all ambitious drone filmmakers a forum where they can compete with the best of their guild and win a great main prize.

The winner of this year’s Peugeot Drone Film Festival, supported by FOCUS Online, receives everything he needs for a spectacular drone shoot:

  • a “Peugeot Traveler” travel van for a period of use of six weeks
  • a drone equipment from DJI, also for a period of use of six weeks
  • as well as an additional 5000 euros for the travel budget.

Award ceremony in the luxury hotel Jumeirah in Frankfurt

The festival jury, which includes top-class actors such as Katja Riemann, Marie Bäumer and Matthias Brandt, will select the 25 best entries from all entries *. FOCUS Online presents these to a broad audience. The winner of the audience award FOCUS Online Drone Award will be selected in a user voting.

A second jury, made up of representatives from the technology company DJI, the car manufacturer Peugeot and the international hotel group Jumeirah, will also select twelve finalists from the 25 final entries. Star luxury hotel “Jumeirah” be invited to Frankfurt. There the winners in all categories will be awarded at a gala dinner.

Take part and win: Submit your film in one of these 3 categories

If you want to take part, you can send in your contribution by September 1, 2021. There are five categories:

1. Storytelling

Fictional entertainment is the premier class of filming. Tell a story with your drone film that captivates the viewer. So it’s not only important to have excellent aerial photos, but also to have a good story behind them.

  • Minimum playing time: 2:00 minutes
  • Maximum playing time: 10:00 minutes
  • Minimum share of drone recordings: 30 percent

2. Landscape

Drones are ideal for spectacular landscape and architecture films. With the development of the “DJI Phantom Inspire Series” filmmakers have new perspectives at their disposal: With the drone they conquer a new dimension of filming as well as a level of perfection that a few years ago was unimaginable even with large budgets.

  • Minimum playing time: 2:00 minutes
  • Maximum playing time: 4:00 minutes
  • Minimum share of drone recordings: 50 percent

3. Sports

Drones make it possible to show sport from a new perspective and turn it into a cinematic event. Competition, tactics and course can be represented in completely different dimensions. Your film in this category should not only show action, but also the fascination, the spectacle and the finesse of the sport.

  • Minimum playing time: 2:00 minutes
  • Maximum playing time: 6:00 minutes
  • Minimum share of drone recordings: 50 percent

4. Experimental

Your film doesn’t fit into any of the previous categories, but is so good and so different that it should take part in the festival? Then this category is your wild card: your film will not take part in the competitions in categories one to three, but the “Grand Prix”. That means: You can still be invited to the Jumeirah Hotel in Frankfurt for the gala as part of the “Jury Selection”.

  • Minimum playing time: no
  • Maximum playing time: 10:00 minutes
  • Minimum share of drone recordings: 50 percent

5. Instagram

A completely new category this year is the social media platform Instagram. Simply post your video on your Instagram account using the hashtags #PEUGEOTDRONEFILMFESTIVAL and # PDFFCat5 and send us your link to the post.

  • Minimum playing time: 20 seconds
  • Maximum playing time: 58 seconds
  • Minimum share of drone recordings: 70 percent

Upload via Vimeo or Youtube – this is how you submit your film

Interested parties can register to take part in the competition until September 1, 2021, 6 p.m. The films must be made available on a video platform. There are two options for uploading:

  • Option 1: Upload the film to a Vimeo account and submit the embed code / Vimeo film URL
  • Option 2: Upload the film to a YouTube account and transmit the embed code / YouTube film URL
  • Exception category “Instagram”: see instructions for participation in category 5.

After completing the Online registration form and acceptance of the conditions of participation, admission to the competition is confirmed after the first examination of the film. The registration data are only used to establish contact and communication between the participant and the Peugeot Drone Film Festival.

*) Other members of the jury include Lisa Maria Potthoff, the actors August Zirner, Simon Schwarz and the director and multiple Grimme Prize winner Stephan Wagner.